Expert Training

Expert Personal Training

At Sports West, we recognize that you expect results for your investment. Our personal training programs provide best practices in exercise and nutrition science that allows us to guarantee that you’ll get results!

You get support from the entire staff as we collaborate to optimize your program and earn your TRUST, ensuring that you attain your goals. Meet with one of our trainers to learn more about our tailor-made plans for training, improved sports performance, nutrition and/or weight-loss...

With Sports West's Personal Training Program, you WILL set GOALS! You will learn fitness and nutrition concepts, and you will evaluate time and stress management too!

You will also experience enhanced muscle tone/decreased body fat.
You'll experience enhanced mobility and injury prevention.
You will experience enhanced energy & mood.
You will experience enhanced movement skill.
You will experience enhanced strength & power.
You will experience enhanced flexibility & agility!

See our membership office to sign up TODAY!

NEW We're happy to now provide Aqua Personal Training, for those who want and/or need comprehensive, low-impact personal training. If you are limited by injury, arthritis, etc, Erika's Aqua Personal Training program is a viable solution. Inquire at our membership office when you sign up.

HIIT Station

Sports West HIIT Station

Sports West's HIIT Station workouts combine High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and Metabolic Resistance Training (MRT ) modalities for maximum calorie burn & power development.

Workouts will involve suspension, cords, kettlebells, sleds, ropes, floor exercises designed to work your core, cardio & power all at once - the ultimate power gym experience!

Classes are limited to 10 people. Please sign up at the Front Desk up to 24 hours prior to the class you’re planning to attend. If you are unable to attend, please notify the Front Desk Within 24 hours of class time. Cancellations not made within the 24-hour time period, as well as no-shows will still be charged for the class session.


Getting older does NOT have to mean losing strength, balance and mobility! So many adverse physical changes associated with aging are in fact, largely preventable! A growing body of research has identified ...

that effective intervention strategies lower the incidence of health issues related to aging & loss of fitness.

Sports West Personal Training's Functional Fitness For Active Aging classes at the Sports West HIIT Station offer a combinations of TRX® suspension straps and other equipment, along with expert personal training from Sports West personal trainer Sandi Meyer, CPT, that will improve your balance, agility, gait and muscular strength.

Sports West personal trainer Sandi Meyer, CPT, has over 20 years of experience creating fitness programs for the active aging population.

While this class is targeting the active aging population, ALL FOLKS wanting a comprehensive HIIT training session are invited to attend- no matter what your age! Cost: Regular Sports West HIIT Station Class fees apply. (First class is free!)

 Mondays & Thursdays

 10:15 - 10:45 AM


 10:15 - 11:00 AM

 Sports West HIIT Station

 Cost: Regular HIIT Station Class fee schedule applies. Sign up at the Front Desk up to 24 hours prior to class.

See Sports West Group Fitness schedule for class times.

sports west youth fitness programs

Kids’ & Youth Fitness

Sports West Personal Training has special programs to promote fitness for youth and teens of all levels and ambitions. Not only for aspiring athletes, but to help young people develop healthy fitness habits that will last a lifetime.

fitness consultations

Free Fitness Assessments

All Sports West members are eligible to receive a free Fitness Assessment. This consultation allows the trainer to determine your fitness level and recommend an appropriate regimen. If it has been more than 6 months since your last fitness consultation, your first training session will include a Fitness Assessment.

S.W.A.C. Training Package Options...

Private Training Sessions will give you that utimate, one-on-one training for your ultimate goal achievements. Your sessions with one of our SWAC trainers will be tailored specifically to your individual needs and goals, with an emphasis on making your goals reality! And remember, all new clients get a FREE Fitness Assessment!

Call  775-348-6666  for pricing

You'll get the same, focused and expert training plus the added incentive and encouragement from a workout partner! Many people find that training with a friend or family member can be a great way to train, and save some money too.

Call  775-348-6666  for pricing

SWAC HIIT Station Classes

SWAC HIIT Station Group Fitness Sessions offer a powerful, high-intensity workout in just one half hour! See the full description above.

30-minute Sessions

10 pack $150
Drop-in $20

Our Team SWAC Trainers

sandi meyer

Sandi Meyer

CPT, AFAA, ASFA Senior Fitness Certification...
Morgan Rubenacker

Morgan Rubenacker

ACE Certified Personal Trainer
erica boone

Erika Boone

Personal & Group Trainer - AFAA
Jordan Ladner

John Wade

ACE Certified Personal Trainer


ISSA Certified Personal Trainer
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Christine Briganti

Christine Briganti

ACE Certified Personal Trainer
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