Functional Fitness


Active Aging

 Sports West Jungle Gym
 Mondays & Thursdays: 10:15 - 10:45 am

Active Aging with Sandi

JOIN US and Sports West trainer Sandi Meyer at the Jungle Gym for this small group training class that will enhance your lifestyle by incorporating everyday, functional moving.
Improve balance, agility, gait, and muscular strength with this introduction to Functional Fitness for Active Aging at the Sports West Jungle Gym! Sandi will show you how to use TRX suspension straps plus a range of other exercises to improve your strength, prevent loss of balance and mobility and reduce health issues related to loss of fitness. Sandi will also show you AIS, Active Isolated Stretching Techniques, which help to revitalize muscle, fascia and connective tissues as well as general muscle-lengthening. While this workshop series is targeted to the active aging population, we welcome all SWAC members who'd like a comprehensive introduction to our Sports West Jungle Gym!

First Class is FREE! Please see Sports West Front Desk to sign up & for more info.