Ends April 30th, 2019


Complete any of the listed 20 exercises below, and perform a tabata set protocol:  20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest X 8 repeats.
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Download the pdf here


  • row machine
  • push ups
  • trx® push ups
  • kettlebell swings
  • air squats
  • trx® hamstring bicycle goblet squats
  • jump lunges
  • heavy bag front kick/back kick
  • stationary bike
  • rip stick lacrosse
  • rip stick hockey
  • rip stick paddle board
  • plank
  • side plank
  • heavy bag jab/cross
  • cord resisted snow angels/reverse crunches
  • cord or cable lift
  • mountain climber
  • trx® squat jumps
  • cord-resisted pallof side jumps
  • cord lat pull down/lunge
  • trx® standing hip extension
  • trx® standing hip extension
  • trx® lying hip bridge
  • burpees
  • curve treadmill sprints
  • elliptical squats
  • stair stepper
  • versa climber
  • cord row/reverse squat jumps

All of the above exercise can be modified if needed. See our Fitness Staff for assistance.


  • 3 Jungle Gym Classes
  • 1 50-minute Massage at Spa of the West
  • $20 Credit at Sports West Cafe
  • Sports West Gym Bag
  • Ask fitness staff if you have questions!